Symantec ATP: Roaming


-Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Roaming
-Uncover Advanced Attacks
-Advanced protection for roaming users
-Sandbox with both physical and virtual execution
-Automatically Prioritize Critical Events
-Leverage Existing Investments
-Optimize Security, Minimize Risk, Maximize Return with Symantec Services



Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution Uncovers, Prioritizes, Investigates, and Remediates advanced threats across endpoint, network, email, and web traffic in one single console. Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Roaming is one module of the broader Symantec ATP solution. It’s a cloud-based solution that provides full visibility into customers’ web traffic, protecting their users wherever they are browsing the internet, even when they are outside of the corporate network. The product uses layered defenses that include Intrusion Prevention, AV, File Reputation, and can automatically send suspicious files to Symantec Cynic sandboxing system for rapid detection of the most complex and the stealthiest advanced attacks. It can also decrypt HTTPS traffic to uncover malware in encrypted traffic. And, if customers also have Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Endpoint module, Email module, or Network module, the threat events detected from these Symantec-protected control points will then be correlated and prioritized, allowing customers to focus on what matters the most and providing a consolidated view of advanced attack activities in one place.

Key Features and Benefits
• Protect users from advanced threats when they are browsing the internet outside of corporate network
• Detect and remediate advanced threats in the encrypted traffic and protect against https attacks
• Uncover stealthy threats in real-time with multiple technologies, including reputation analysis, IPS, AV, and our unique
cloud-based sandboxing and detonation
• Prioritizes what matters the most by correlating across events from other Symantec-protected control points to greatly
reduce the number of incidents that a security analyst needs to examine

System Requirements

-Processor: 2.66 GHz
-System Type: 32 Bit

Browser Clients for the UI
-Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later
-Mozilla Firefox 26 or later
-Google Chrome 32 or later
-Windows OS
-Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10


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