Symantec DCS: Server Advanced


-Out of the Box Host IDS and IPS Policies
-Sandboxing and Process Access Control (PAC)
-Host Firewall
-Compensating HIPS Controls
-File and System Tamper Prevention
-Application and Device Control

Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced provides complete server protection. Full application control enables microsegmentation, administrator privilege de-escalation, patch mitigation, and protection against zero day threat in today’s heterogeneous private/public cloud data centers.



Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced protects both physical and virtual servers in on-prem, hybrid, and cloud-based data centers by delivering (1) application and
protected whitelisting, (2) fine-grained intrusion detection and prevention, (3) file, system and admin lockdown, (4) and file integrity and configuration monitoring. Data Center Security: Server Advanced helps minimize time and effort and reduce operational costs by using out of the box monitoring and hardening for most common data center applications. Protect your OpenStack based data centers using file integrity monitoring of all OpenStack modules and with full hardening of the Keystone identity service module.

Customer Benefits
• Protect server from zero day attacks including an added ability to integrate Data Center Security: Server Advanced into the customer’s data center toolset to quickly deploy additional monitoring and targeted hardening to applicable servers via REST APIs.
• Comprehensive protection for Docker containers that provides visibility, compliance, hardening, and management.
• Unbreakable – Data Center Security: Server Advanced remains unbreakable in the five years that Symantec ran the “Capture the Flag” hacking challenge at the annual Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
• Secure unpatched applications and systems running on legacy and End-of-life platforms.
• Automated threat response with out-of-box recipes to protect against critical vulnerabilities and unauthorized application configuration changes.
• Virtualization-technology agnostic and broad platform support means that customers can secure workloads regardless of where it resides and can protect entire data centers including legacy systems that cannot be patched.
• Monitor and protect physical and virtual data centers using a combination of host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), intrusion prevention (HIPS), and least privilege access control. Fully instrumented REST API provides corresponding API for all console activities to enable full internal and external Cloud automation.
• Enable the secure migration and operationally costefficient migration from end-of-life platforms.
• Mitigate patching for new and legacy systems
• Enable application and instance level security for public and hybrid cloud deployments
• Gain continuous monitoring of data center infrastructure for cyber security and compliance.

What’s New in v6.7
• Provides visibility, compliance, hardening, and management of Docker containers
• Easier deployment that reduces time to rollout
• Improved high availability and scalability
• Any DCS Manager can be used to manage the environment
– Simplified policy creation in learn mode helps build rules via automated sandboxing
– Reduce operational costs with the new application centric security groups
– Additional platform support
◦ Docker
◦ Oracle Linux UEK R4
◦ IDS support for AWS Linux
◦ IPS support for Solaris 11
◦ SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 Server Advanced also includes all the features in Monitoring Edition 6.7 and Server 6.7:
• Monitor OpenStack Data Center Infrastructure
• Easily identify abnormal event activity and also monitor your key performance indicators using dashboards
• Agentless Network IPS for virtual servers on VMware NSX
• Anti-Malware on vCNS/vShield platforms
• IPv6 support and Blacklist/Whitelist support in NIPS


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