Symantec DCS: Server


• Easier deployment – Reduces time to rollout for new deployments and upgrades
• High availability and scalability
• Agentless anti-malware protection for workloads running on VMware vShield/vCNS platform
• Auto deploy of Security Virtual Appliance
• Auto-deployment of virtual appliances
• Increase operational effectiveness
• Centralized management of virus definitions
• Enable always-on security



Symantec Data Center Security (DCS): Server delivers frictionless threat protection with agentless anti-malware, network based IPS and file reputation services for the VMware environments. It supports in-guest quarantine feature to isolate suspected malware files and remediate based on policy. Symantec™ Data Center Security: Server auto-delivers Security Virtual Appliances (SVA) that scales out, resulting in huge savings in OPEX costs.

Symantec™ Data Center Security: Server Standard Features
• Agentless antimalware threat protection.
– Supports VMware NSX and VMware vShield/vCNS (NonNSX) for delivering agent-less threat protection for workloads running on virtual environments
– Anti-Malware on vShield/vCNS (non-NSX) combined with Symantec’s Insight Reputation
– Auto deployment of the Security Virtual Appliance for both vShield/vCNS and NSX environments (SVA) that allows to scale out infrastructure.
– Group asset and protection policy
• Integrates with Symantec DeepSight providing reputation security technology to files and URL’s.
• Auto-deployment and provision of Security Virtual Appliance to ESX host in a cluster.
• Integrates at the hypervisor, providing real-time detection and remediation of malware infection.
• Always-on security with the best-of-breed security protection technology
• Part of Symantec’s extensive telemetry collection network Customer Benefits
• Includes enhanced support for vShield/vCNS based virtual appliances
• Single Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) for both VMware NSX & vShield
• Simplified UI with rich user experience and simplified policy and asset management for both VMware NSX & vShield/vCNS
• Out of the box dashboard to provide health and status of data center
• Optimize network and application performance of guests and hosts via agentless antimalware and agentless network IPS
• Improve network performance by having single definition updates
• File and URL reputation services to complement the agentless malware protection service
• Auto-deployment of virtual appliances enables the workloads to scale while minimizing any additional OpEx cost
• Increase operational effectiveness by providing a singleinstance security service per host
• Eliminate virus scanning on each virtual machine by providing security at the hypervisor
• Centralized management of virus definitions eliminates the need for virus updates to each and every guest VM
• Enable always-on security during new workload provisioning, thus reducing the security tax


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